1. How does Pinnacle internet work?

The technology is referred to as “fixed wireless.” This means a small antenna/dish (modem), 3.5”x 11.5”, is mounted to the outside of a structure to collect a wireless signal transmitted from towers. The signal is then wired directly to a computer or router in order to access internet.

2. Do you mount anything on the roof?

In most cases we are able to secure the modem to the eve of a structure in order to acquire a signal from the tower.

3. Do I need any special equipment?


4. Can your service provide internet to more than one computer?

Yes. We Can Incorporate A Wireless Router That Will Transmit An Internet Signal To Several Computers Simultaneously.

5. Can game devices such as Wii, Playstation and X-Box work with your internet?

Yes. We Can Incorporate A Wireless Router That Will Transmit An Internet Signal To Several Computers Simultaneously.

6. Do I need to install anything?

No. We are experts in this area and will provide everything necessary to complete the installation.

7. Do I need a telephone line?

No. Since our technology uses wireless signal your telephone is not needed.

8. Can I use my VOIP telephone?

Yes. Most VOIP operating systems will work with our service.

9. What are the upfront cost?

Typically, there is an installation charge, modem rental, the first month of service, and sales tax.

10. Can I download music & movies?

Yes. Currently, we do not cap internet usage so you are able to download what you want. Please remember that the faster speed plans we offer will make this process easier.

11. Do you offer mobile internet?

No. Our expertise is in fixed wireless applications because we serve mostly rural areas.

12. Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Our goal is to provide every customer with fast, reliable internet service at a fair price. However, you are able to cancel at any time.

13. Do I need to pass a credit check?

No. We do not require our customers to pass credit in order to purchase service.

14. How do I pay for Pinnacle internet service?

We Bill For Recurring Monthly Charges And Can Accept Any Type Of Payment.

15. How do I know if Pinnacle is available in my area?

The Website Has A Coverage Map You May Refer To; However, We Verify Signal Strength Prior To Every Installation. There Is No Cost Associated With Signal Verification But It Is Critical To Ensure You Can Receive The Quality Signal Necessary For Seamless Internet.

16. How do I schedule an installation?

You May Contact Us Through The Website By Clicking On The CONTACT US Tab And Completing The Questionnaire Or Call Us At 940-247-0085.

17. How do I reboot my hardware?
Please refer to these videos on how to reboot your hardware:
Rebooting Hardware – Type 1:

Rebooting Hardware – Type 2:

Rebooting Hardware – Type 2:

Rebooting Hardware – Type 3:

Rebooting Hardware – Type 4:
18. Is there something I can do to help when Netflix is buffering?

Absolutely! By adjusting the playback settings in your Netflix account, you can limit how much bandwidth is being used while streaming videos.  This should help with buffering issues as well as other devices slowing down when Netflix is being used.  You can do this by following the directions on the Netflix link below.


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